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Iroquois County Board Winners, District 3 and 4 Contested

Thirty-two percent of Iroquois County's 18,559 registered voters went to the polls Tuesday.  Contested races for county board seats in Districts 3 and 4 resulted in one incumbent losing.

Osborne Storm of rural Ashkum-Crescent City finished 6th in a 5-person race in District 3.  Winners were Troy Krumwiede of rural Watseka, Donna Crow of Milford, Marvin Stichnoth of Stockland, Charles Ault of rural Cissna Park and Jean Hiles of rural Watseka.

District 4 winners included Scott Watts of Watseka, Adam Zumwalt of Sheldon, Susan Wynn Bence of Watseka, Donna Wasmer of Watseka and Russell Bills of Watseka.  Dan Joyce finished 6th in the 5-person field.

Districts 1 anbd 2 were uncontested. 

Circuit Clerk Lisa Hines, State's Attorney Jim Devine and Coroner Bill Cheatum were unopposed for re-election.

Voters in Pigeon Grove approved a Road and Bridge tax referendum on a 28-13 vote.


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