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BAD CROPS Plague Illinois, Indiana Farmers

One reason consumers will be seeing higher food prices because of the drought is that much of what farmers grow is to feed the animals.

“We thought we had a fifty percent corn crop. Today, when I came in here, we had a twenty percent corn crop or less,” Allen Entwistle says in spelling out the problems. “The consumer basically looks at the (green, leafy) plant out there and they think that corn ear is there, and it’s not … that steak that costs eight or nine dollars? That’s going to double or triple.”

Entwistle is a corn, soybean, and cattle farmer in Sangamon County and is also president of the Sangamon County Farm Bureau.

“When you look worldwide, our stocks for soybeans are more critical than they are for corn,” says Matt Hughes, who farms corn and soybeans in McLean County and who is also chairman of the Illinois Soybean Association. “Prices are getting good, which means higher prices for commodities – chicken, beef, pork in the stores – but, unfortunately for a lot of my neighbors to the south, when you have lower yields in times of high prices, it’s still a lower revenue.”


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SPRINGFIELD, Ill.A Schnuck’s Grocery Store and over 15 Illinois food companies sampling on the north end of Springfield will serve as the back drop as Illinois Department of Agriculture Acting Director Robert Flider and local dignitaries take the Buy Illinois Challenge and unveil the department’s newly-designed Illinois Product logo.

The Buy Illinois Challenge encourages every Illinois household to dedicate $10 of their weekly grocery budget to the purchase of Illinois products.  If every household made this pledge, it would generate more than $2.4 billion a year for the Illinois economy.  Residents can go online at www.buyillinoischallenge.com to take the pledge beginning today (July 17).

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Barn Fire in Livingston County Investigated

FAIRBURY – A barn southwest of Fairbury was destroyed by fire on Thursday night.

Firefighters responded to the blaze, at the Derrick Steidinger farm, around 7:30 p.m. along Livingston County road 1925 East.

There were no reports of injuries and some cattle were safely removed from the barn.  The cause of Thursday’s fire is under investigation.

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Illinois State Police Consolidations…

…Ashkum, Pontiac Targeted to Close

SPRINGFIELD — The Quinn administration is moving forward with plans to consolidate state police dispatching offices.

And…Ashkum and Pontiac are among those in the plan to close.

The plan, which calls for downsizing telecommunications operations from 21 offices spread across the state to four more centralized facilities, will leave Illinois with the fewest number of dispatching centers of any of its neighbors.

According to a review of states surrounding Illinois, the four remaining state police dispatch offices are fewer than what is in place in Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Kentucky.

Read more: Illinois State Police Consolidations…

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Farmers ready to hear governor's drought plan

WALTONVILLE, Ill. (AP) -- A southern Illinois farmer and rancher says his 300 acres of corn are a bust and he's eager to hear the governor's plan for dealing with drought.

Gov. Pat Quinn is set to visit 71-year-old James Laird's farm near Waltonville  today ( Monday 7/16).  

Laird says he'll likely mow down all his corn, chop it up and feed it to his cattle. Almost a third of the nation's corn crop has been damaged by heat and drought.

Laird hopes his 300 acres of soybeans pull through.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture last week announced a streamline approach to getting drought-affected farmers and ranchers federal help that could include emergency loans with lower interest rates.