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Tri-Point Math Teacher returns to cheers during welcome back ceremony after deployment

The Tri-Point school district rolled out its welcome mat today (Monday) for its junior-high math teacher back home after a military tour in Afghanistan. Major Todd Fatka was greeted by a thankful student body and faculty at the Tri-Point Upper Elementary school in Piper City. Major Fatka served an Army Reserve tour from January 4 until this last week (October 24).

A flag-raising ceremony was held this morning followed by a performance by the Tri-Point Junior High Band.

Fatka’s military background is much appreciated, even by the students, who we seemingly always tell “never forget” what our country is all about,” says Tri-Point Elementary Principal Jay Bennett……

"We've been Mr. Fatka since early in January, so it was exciting to have him back," Bennett said. "The students and faculty are pretty excited."

Bennett said Fatka is a popular, well-liked teacher. It was hard to think he’d be gone for that amount of time. It seemed forever, Bennett said, so we’re so glad to welcome him back……

Diane Perkins is the Tri-Point District Music Educator. She adds, that Major Fatka hs been involved with the students to keep them aware…

"He did a wonderful job keeping the students aware of what was going on," Perkins pointed out. "He has sent emails back to students and the students sent Care packages, so all concerned were kept informed."

(Monday) was Todd Fatka’s first day back in his classroom.

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