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Federal lawsuit filed in Kankakee murder case

Attorneys representing Terrence Haynes of Kankakee are seeking relief for a man wrongfully-convicted in a 1999 murder case. Haynes served 20 years in prison for the 1999 shooting of Cezaire Murrell. Haynes had been sentenced to 45-years after the conviction and the Illinois Appellate Court reversed the guilty verdict.

The Kankakee County States Attorney’s office is named in the suit. Former S-A Jamie Boyd was serving as Public Defender back then. The Haynes lawsuit refers to a killing that Haynes’ defense team argued was self-defense. Haynes’ wrongful murder conviction lawsuit is against the prosecutors and public defender involved in his murder trial. The lawsuit suit accuses two attorneys of pushing an 11-year-old witness to lie about Cezaire Murrell being unarmed in the 1999 fatal shooting.

The Daily-Journal reported Haynes was released from prison after current S-A Jim Rowe dropped all charges when the investigation’s findings were made known.

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