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Warning: Police warn of phone scams

The Iroquois County Sheriff's Department is issuing yet another warning to local residents about phone scams occurring in the county, according to a recent news release. The scams usually target older victims on land lines and cell phones.Residents have reported that they have received phone calls from subjects claiming to be a relative, usually a grandchild, who has either been involved in an accident or arrested. Would-be victims are told their relatives need help while the caller tries to solicit money from the person getting the call.

Callers have also identified themselves as employees of the IRS or social security administration who explain to the victim that there was an issue with the victim's tax return or social security. The caller requests the victim provide one's personally identifiable information.

A third type of phone scam involves the caller advising the victim that a warrant has been issued for their arrest. The caller requests that the victim again send money via Western Union or other means to quash the warrant.

Residents are urged not to send money via Western Union or purchase the itunes or money cards in these instances.

Family members are encouraged to talk to each other and advise seniors not to fall victim to these callers.

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