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Heroin dealer sentenced to prison

A Livingston County woman gets 3-years in prison for dealing heroin. 30-year-old Amber Watters of Odell was facing 2-counts of unlawful delivery. She was also arrested for possession of heroin and hypodermic syringes along with endangering the life or health of a child. The charges come from an incident in May. Watters plead guilty this week in Court.

In June… Watters and 32-year-old Tara Swartz of Dwight were arrested during an investigation by the Dwight Narcotics Unit and Livingston County Proactive Unit. Swartz was charged with bringing heroin into a penal institution, a class one felony and unlawful possession of heroin, a class four felony from the June 17th incident. Swartz is due in court on the Livingston County charges in November and also has a pending heroin possession charge in Will County.

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