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Iroquois County: Perzee steps down as Fair board president

Iroquois County Fair board president Marvin Perzee announced (Tuesday) he has stepped down from his position, citing a health issue as the reason.

“I need to concentrate on my health concern right now. I need to take care of that matter,” Perzee tells WGFA News. “We have good people on the board, many good superintendents. The fair’s in good hands,” he added.

“I’m not running off; I’ll still be involved. It’s maybe time to just step back and let the younger people move forward. We’ll help out where we can and stay out of the way where we don’t need to be,” he said.

Perzee has served as fair board president since 1972, active on the board since 1966. Since his days as a 4-H member, he’s also directed the Ashkum Chargers as 4-H leader.

Perzee adds, the fair has come a long way and we want see it prosper, not go backwards.

He laughs saying, so many good things have helped the fair along over the years – citing the many, many volunteers and the community support. But technology has an upper hand on what I know. It’s not my strength; time for younger people to get the message out electronically and send the message out about our young people.

Marvin and his wife, Sharon, are life-long ambassadors for the Iroquois County Fair.

The bylaws of the fair board put the past-president in the position of first vice president. Paul Ahlden steps up to serve as president.

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