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Governor, Comptroller spar over State bills

Governor Rauner is ramping up his war of words with state comptroller Susana Mendoza. The Democrat Mendoza recently said the late payment penalties the state has racked up in the last two years are more than in the previous 18 years.

Governor Rauner says Mendoza is part of the problem, because as a lawmaker, she voted for the deficits that created the stack of overdue bills. Rauner calls Mendoza one of a pack of rascals and scoundrels misrepresenting the truth. He says his budget would help to address the backlog of unpaid state bills.

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A-G candidate tours Iroquois County, visits with professionals and students….

            Erika Harold is about representing all people

Illinois’ Republican candidate for Attorney General, Erika Harold, is quick to point out – she’s about being a voice for all of Illinois. >>

"The Attorney General's job is all about representing the people, all the people," Harold said. "It's a matter of following the Constitution and doing what's right."

Erika Harold addressed the Iroquois County Republican Women’s Club in Watseka Thursday. But before that, she took her Miss America Platform to Milford where (MAPS #124) students listened to her message about troubled bullies in school, and violence that hurts our education system. >>>

"I want the students to understand their role in preventing bullying and violence and how important an issue it is," Harold said. Her role as Miss America in 2003 had a focus on the issue that's plagued schools.

Harold talked about her experience, being bullied and being a victim of sexual harasssment.

"There's ways to get around these problems,: she told the students at Milford (MAPS #124).

Milford students heard how they can make a difference by standing up to WRONG when they see it. Miss Harold told the students to have the courage to let their voice be heard.......... (and she was impressed with the respect displayed)......

Milford Principal Steve Tothero was proud to see how the students and staff welcomed Erika Harold and has embraced the community..........

Erika Harold is the Republican candidate for Attorney General on the November ballot. She's Harvard grad and currently working for a law firm in Champaign.

Erika was Miss America in 2003.

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Parkhurst Sponsored Legislation for Substitute Teachers Passes House

Earlier this week, the Illinois House of Representatives passed bipartisan legislation sponsored by State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R – Kankakee) to address the teacher shortage in Illinois.

“After speaking with local teachers, I represented and advocated for their concerns to help solve the teacher shortage. I was pleased to cosponsor this bipartisan legislation to address this shortage,” Rep. Parkhurst stated.

Illinois is experiencing a teacher shortage hurting children and school districts throughout the state. HB 5627 is comprehensive legislation and uses ideas suggested by local teachers from the 79th District and Rep. Parkhurst to create a short-term substitute teacher license. The legislation also allows retired educators to substitute for more days each year without infringing upon their pension benefits and provides full reciprocity for out-of-state applicants for a Professional Educator License (PEL). There are other provisions further addressing the teacher shortage.

“This legislation is the result of legislators from both sides of the aisle coming together and listening to our constituents to solve a real problem in our state. I am proud to be part of a bipartisan solution. ” Rep. Parkhurst said.

HB 5627 passed the House on a 111-0 vote. It will be sent to the Illinois Senate for consideration.

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E-Coli found in romaine lettuce in central-Illinois

The investigation continues into the source of the E-coli outbreak across central Illinois. What is known so far is that there’s 53 cases reported, 31 hospitalizations, at least 16 states affected and, fortunately, zero deaths.

What isn’t known is what specifically happened in the Yuma, Ariz., growing region that led to the contamination of chopped romaine lettuce, as well as hearts and heads of the leafy green, with an especially dangerous strain of E. coli bacteria, which led to a case of infection in an undisclosed part of central Illinois.

Public health officials are taking a wait-and-see approach as to what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention uncovers in its investigation, which has already uncovered a case of illness in central Illinois.

The Illinois Department of Public Health is currently collecting information with the CDC, and is advising Illinois consumers who have store-bought romaine lettuce at home should not eat it and should throw it away. The IDPH also recommends confirming with retailers that romaine lettuce products for sale have not come from the Yuma, Ariz., growing region.

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Ameren files for rate hike but says bills should go down in 2019

A recent Ameren filing with the Illinois Commerce Commission could lead to an electricity-rate increase, but the utility said other factors will actually lead to an overall decrease on your power bill starting in January.
Ameren spokeswoman Marcelyn Love said the company last week filed its annual reconciliation of costs related to infrastructure upgrades. If approved, it would mean a "slight" rate increase, although Love did not provide an exact figure.

But Love said overall, starting next year, monthly power bills will drop by an average of $3.50.

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