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Storm activity forces clean-up

Some residents in Champaign County are cleaning up debris following strong thunderstorms which rolled through the St. Joseph community last (Thursday) evening. Some power poles and trees were down along with some minor structure damage.
There were no reports of any injuries.

Three-quarter inch hail was reported about five miles northeast of Danville and trees toppled southeast of Danville. A large tree also fell across East Main Street on Danville’s east side.

Wind gusts were estimated at 60 miles per hour.
Ameren work crews were called out to restore power to several hundred customers.

In western Indiana, Fountain County officials reported two power poles were blown down near Perrysville.

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Illinois Senate approves budget

Illinois state Senators have approved a budget with one day to spare. The 1,245-page bill was voted on just hours after it was revealed. Critics say the $38.5 billion budget overspends and doesn't address any reform needs. They approved it 56-2. The House could vote on it today.

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Chatsworth drug dealer sentenced to DOC

32-year-old Sarah Knade of Chatsworth was sentenced to six years in prison for bringing contraband into a penal institution. She also received 10 years for unlawful delivery of a controlled substance. Both terms will run consecutively.

In Livingston County Circuit Court, Knade pleaded guilty in April with the State’s Attorney’s Office suggesting no longer than an 18-year prison sentence.

The Livingston County Proactive Unit, Pontiac Police Department, and Dwight Drug Unit then arrested Knade as part of an investigation, which led to the seizure of 1.9 grams of cocaine.

At the time of the first arrest, Knade was out on bond from a case where she was charged with bringing contraband into a penal institution. Since she was out on bond at the time, both her sentences will run consecutive.

In 2014, Knade was also sentenced to three years in the Illinois Department of Corrections for delivering drugs.

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Area Youth can tour Kankakee County as part of the Future Leaders of Kankakee County Summer Tour program

Kankakee, IL: The Leadership Committee of the Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Bourbonnais Township Park District and support from the Manteno Chamber of Commerce are encouraging area youth ages 14 to 18 to learn more about Kankakee County by taking a tour of the area as part of a summer leadership development program titled Future Leaders of Kankakee County.

Each Wednesday starting with June 13 until July 25 (a break for the Fourth of July holiday is included), students will board a park district bus to take a tour of the County organized around Industry, Healthcare, Education, Agriculture, History and Tourism, and Civic and Government.

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Pintelon acquitted of attempted murder, guilty of weapons charges

An Iroquois County jury (Tuesday) returned a ‘not guilty’ verdict for attempted murder against Jerry Pintelon. But the jury found the former Watseka resident ‘guilty’ of aggravated discharge of a firearm and aggravated battery with a firearm.

The charges stem from an August 22, 2015 incident in which Pintelon shot Kylie Schwartz three-times while she stood outside a residence, next door to Pintelon’s residence on Ash Street in Watseka.

Pintelon faces 6-30 years when sentenced June 28th. He was taken into custody by Iroquois County Sheriff’s Police.

The state’s case against the 28-year-old Pintelon was based on the defendant taking matters into his own hands in settling his annoyance with the neighbors’ noisy parties and alleged drug activity, pointed out during the trial.

The jury deliberated about four-hours before returning its verdict.

All three charges were Class X felonies. Prosecuting Assistant State’s Attorney Alex O’Brien said the jury took time to review all the charges and evidence .........

"The jury apparently wasn't convinced of his (Pintelon) intent that evening, but in regards to the aggravated discharge and aggravated battery.... I'm happy with the verdict," O'Brien said.

Pintelon was identified by Schwartz and a neighbor, Joe Seibring, who witnessed the shooting and told the court there was no doubt whatsoever, Jerry Pintelon was the shooter” that night.

Defense Attorney Ron Boyer tried to convince the jury his client was wrongly identified, even pointing to Seibring as the shooter. Boyer called it ‘sloppy police work,’ saying officers did a poor job gathering evidence and talking to witnesses.

State’s Attorney Jim Devine said "sometimes when you have a poor case to defend, you have to take desperate measures to point a finger in another direction. It didn't work in this case."

Other law enforcement testimony pointed to ballistics, gun residue and the fact, it was Jerry Pintelon’s gun that matched evidence at the scene.

Boyer declined comment afterwards, only saying there will be an appeal.

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