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Hoopeston: Interim police chief gets permanent position

After months of consideration, Hoopeston has its new police chief.

Sergeant Jim DeWitt had been the acting chief for months. The familiar face is now the new chief. DeWitt took over for former chief Mark Drollinger, who died of cancer last July.

DeWitt has been with Hoopeston PD nearly 20-years. Before that he was with the Rossville PD.

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$500,000 price tag for flood expenses in Watseka

Watseka Mayor John Allhands reports the city’s expenses from the record-flooding will be more than a $1/2 million dollars. And the $500,000 cost is likely a figure the city will have to deal with --- any reimbursement is not expected.

The Watseka Planning Commission met (Thursday), learning about the options and possible help that could happen.

Mayor Allhands says the replacement of pumps at the Mulberry Street lift-station is a major issue. He said previous floods have taken their toll on the equipment.
A lot depends on what happens with the effort to get a disaster declaration .......

In addition to the 200 plus homes damaged from flooding, public buildings and infrastructure is a huge cost. There’s also the cost of man-power for clean-up.

ederal dollars depend on Iroquois County meeting a $109,000 threshold for public property damage. And the state’s threshold for FEMA help is $18-million – but this 2018 flood did not have the same state-wide impact of the record floods from years past.

Grant monies from the Illinois Dept of Natural Resources (DNR) is something city officials are hoping could develop for substantially-damaged homes.

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Ford County Board to name Shoemaker treasurer

The Ford County Board (Monday) is expected to appoint Paxton resident Krisha Shoemaker to the position of county treasurer. The County Board meets Monday evening.

The Board is also expected to accept the resignation of interim Treasurer Judy Hastings.’

Shoemaker will be appointed to the treasurer’s post through November 30. Shoemaker would then begin serving a four-year elected term.

Shoemaker defeated Roberts resident Kasi Schwarz for the Republican nomination for treasurer during last month’s primary election. Shoemaker is unopposed in November’s general election.

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Driver escapes crash with Amtrak train

A disabled vehicle on Kankakee River Road in Wilmington was struck by a southbound Amtrak train Thursday evening. It happened about 6:30 pm on the Union Pacific line.

The vehicle’s owner said the car broke down while crossing the tracks. Just after the driver got out of the car, the crossing gates activated and began to come down, signaling the approaching Amtrak train. The driver was able to move out of the way before the collision occurred.

There were no injuries to any employees or passengers on the train. After inspection by the Union Pacific railroad the Amtrak train was allowed to continue on its route.

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Bradley man arrested for theft of license plates

An ongoing investigation dating back to July 2017 has led to the arrest of Robert E. Heck of Bradley. He’s facing felony theft charges involving thefts of license plates and registration stickers.

Bradley police claim the thefts, which started in July of 2017, forced many of the victims to incur the costs of repurchasing new license plates and registration stickers. Police say the thefts occurred in Kankakee County and in Bloomington. At least 20 plates were reported stolen.

The 59-year-old Heck was arrested on felony charges Tuesday.
Bradley investigators with assistance from Bourbonnais police conducted an investigation that led to Heck's arrest.

Bradley, Bourbonnais, Momence and Kankakee sheriff's police started receiving reports of stolen license plates in July 2017.

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