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Weather Is Key To Cattle Prices In Months Ahead


The extended drought conditions in the southern plains and the major drought in the Midwest this summer has reduced the number of cattle subtantially.  WGFA National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root, reports on the prospect for higher cattle prices and maybe some profit for producers in the months ahead: {audio}images/stories/191212.mp3{/audio}
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Wind Power Brings Prosperity To Rural Communities

When you see a wind tower, do you see it as an electricity generating station or as a means of bringing jobs and income to rural communities.  WGFA's Ken Root explorers an industry that has made the wind valuable to land owners and beneficial to their communities: {audio}images/stories/291212.mp3{/audio}

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Farmers Ready To Rally In Washington, D.C.


There is no farm bill to replace the 2008 legislation that will expire at the end of this month.  Farmers are working two fronts, according to WGFA National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root,  stopping the Senate while urging the House to move ahead.  Here is his report: {audio}images/stories/191012.mp3{/audio}
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Raisin Production Declining In California


Raisins start as grapes that are dried and processed.  WGFA National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root, reports on the decline in raisin production in California due to lack of labor and more profitable alternative crops: {audio}images/stories/291012.mp3{/audio} 
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Biotech Switchgrass May Be Best Ethanol Feedstock

Making ethanol from cellulose plant material is feasible but the plant needs to have lots of starch inside.  WGFA's National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root, reports on research to modify the switchgrass plant to meet the need: {audio}images/stories/29712.mp3{/audio}