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Iroquois Board Chairman Copas details platform calling for health department administrator’s ouster >

A five-hour Iroquois County Board meeting (Tuesday) included a range of newsy matters of interest, none of which lacked comment from board members and the public.

The brunt of the meeting centered, again, on the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department and its administrator Doug Corbett.

Board Chairman Rod Copas presented a laundry list of allegations against Corbett, listing and explaining why he thinks Corbett should be removed from his position. Copas reiterated earlier allegations ranging from unprofessional behavior, awarding of contracts, distribution of prescription medications, and unlawful use of grant money.

Copas also questions favored treatment toward some health employees, FOIA violations, and even using work-related email accounts for personal/private business.

And Copas goes so far to refer to official misconduct allegations.

Copas said more specific direction the county may be taking will announced later this week. The county, he said, has contacted the Illinois Department of Public Health for some direction on helping to resolve a stalemate between the Iroquois and Ford County boards.

Ford County has stood firm in not taking any action against Corbett. The Iroquois County board has voted to remove Corbett from his position "in the most expedient way possible."

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