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Ballistics testing set for Andrew Condon murder case

A defense expert will render ballistics testing on a bullet fragment in the Andrew Condon murder case in Iroquois County. That test may lead to a trial date for Condon, who's jailed and charged with murder for last year's shooting death of gas station attendant Jonathan Rubin.

Judge Gordon Lustfeldt (Thurs) set an August 6th court date to get a status check on the ballistic test and schedule a trial date for Condon.

Condon faces two-counts of 2nd-degree murder for the October 27, 2012 shooting death of Rubin at the Gilman Shell Station, just off Route 24.

It was a search warrant last November 1 at Condon's Ashkum residence that led to his arrest for the shooting death of Rubin. Investigators recovered ballistics evidence at a shooting grounds at the rural Ashkum site. Police and prosecutors say the ballistics match those involved in the gas station shooting.

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