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Is Dan running ?

Rutherford says he likes his hometown sandbox

Dan Rutherford has a new title, like it or not. It’s Governor Dan Rutherford !

The always likable, always jovial, always smiling, and most-always political-correct Dan Rutherford talks like he’s running for Illinois Governor in 2014. But in Watseka Thursday night, he did all but say he’s running for the state’s top job.

The rural Chenoa resident said should he have an announcement in June, he's coming back his sandbox, Livingston, Iroquois, Ford counties, to do it.

The now-state treasurer told an audience at the Iroquois County Republican Women’s Club Annual Spring Dinner “Iroquois County is his sandbox.”

Despite the fact he’s all over the state, on any given day at any given time, Rutherford told the GOP crowd he’s most comfortable at home in his native territory – Iroquois, Ford, and Livingston counties.

He says this is his sandbox, where he first started his political career at the age of 24. And today, he knows his sandbox friends are the Republican women, men and others who supported his efforts over the years as a State Rep, State senator and now, Treasurer.

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Rutherford had the audience’ attention, talking about how if the GOP party is going to survive and flourish, it has to throw away the labels and represent all peoples --- there’s so much to talk about other than abortion, gun rights, and gay rights…….