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Lawsuits Talk Keeps Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department in the News

The attorney representing the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department says he 'doesn't think we need any more lawsuits.' But Ron Boyer is not ruling out that possibility.

In fact, the personal assets of individual defendants named in any suit could come into play should litigation develop from the illegal ouster of health department board members OR allegations that are unfounded when it comes to business operations within the health department.

Boyer addressed the newly-seated Ford-Iroquois Health Department Board this week.

Boyer said "there was no basis for removing the past board members in the middle of their terms without establishing some type of misconduct or neglect of duty." That, Boyer said, was never done.

The Iroquois County Board last month (March 12) voted 13-2, with three members abstaining, to remove three of the Iroquois County four appointees.

County Board Chairman Rod Copas appointed himself to an "indefinite term" on the health board. The legality of that is also questioned by Boyer.

Lauren Luecke of Gilman and Michelle Fairley of Watseka were also seated.

Threats of lawsuit by both sides in the matter keep the issue festering.

The Ford-Iroquois Health Board has also threatened an Edgar County Watchdogs group with a lawsuit over what's termed "defamatory statements" about the health agency's operations and its employees.

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