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Tom's Bio


Tom came to WGFA in 2006 as a play by play announcer for high school sports.  In 2008, he also took over as host of the Saturday Morning Sports Show.  Born and raised a southern boy, Tom lived in Atlanta, GA most of his life.  While there, he interned at CNN Sports, and did mobile DJ work around the ATL for a few years.  He says, “I may have left the South, but the South will never leave me!”

Tom met his eventual wife Jenn online in 1998, and with his GA job about to be gone, she convinced him to move to Illinois!  Happily married since 2001, they have 2 dogs, a Sheltie named Kerry and a Tibetan Terrier named Addison.  Tom still follows his Atlanta teams, but enjoys being a Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears fan too.  He enjoys a good concert, festival or sports game and also loves to bowl, golf, fish, and sample new restaurants.

Tom has been on not one, but THREE game shows!  In 1986, he won a TV and car stereo on a "Wheel of Fortune" Teen Week.  In 1998, he got to "come on down" on "The Price is Right" but did not get on stage & had to settle for "consolation prizes".  And in 2012, after some 25 years of trying, he finally played "Jeopardy", but ran into tough competition, and settled for a 2nd place prize of $2,000.  He also has been a paid extra in several movies filmed around Chicago, like "Fred Claus", "The Express", "The Dark Knight", "Flags of our Fathers", and "The Break-Up".

Tom has a clear dedication to his work at WGFA.  “First and foremost, I know listeners are counting on me to be accurate and professional, not just with sports, but with news and weather, too.  There are times to be serious, but I try to put in a little fun and humor along the way when appropriate.  I'm a HUGE perfectionist...always looking back on my work, critiquing it, and looking for ways to do better next time.  I really like the excitement of high school sports and seeing small towns come out to support their teams.”

Favorite Movie(s): Tom Hanks movies, the Die Hard series, the first Star Wars trilogy, 007, the Chevy Chase Vacation series, the Naked Gun series, Field of Dreams, Miracle, We Are Marshall, Animal House, the Indiana Jones series, and Caddyshack.

Favorite Music: 80s, Enya, Yanni, Sat. Night Fever music, Jim Brickman, Eagles, Beach Boys

Favorite TV Show(s): '60s Batman, and my DVDs of Knight Rider, Dukes of Hazzard, Six Million Dollar Man, Freaks & Geeks, and Emergency.  As for current stuff:  Hawaii Five-O, The Mentalist, Mike & Molly, Elementary...oh, and game shows, of course!  Reality ones, not so much

Favorite Food(s): Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, mixed nuts, anything with Peanut Butter, southern food (fried chicken, biscuits), hot dogs & brats at ballgames, pizza with a ton of meat, the Varsity drive-in at ATL...and being from there, "I stay true to Coca-Cola"!