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State Fire Marshall will investigate Sheldon Fire Scene

Fire destroyed a huge storage shed in Sheldon Wednesday afternoon.  The cause is yet-to-be-determined, according to Sheldon Fire Chief Stan Molter…….

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The state Fire Marshall will examine the ruined-remains today. Sheldon Police will also question some local citizens who reported the fire.  The  approximate 40 by 80 foot wood structure is gone, along with a few items owner Darryl Conley had stored inside. Conley was able to remove three semi-tractor trailers from the site before they were damaged

The building was along the railroad tracks just off Center Street in Sheldon.


Molter said the firefighting effort put a real strain on the village water supply, so the mutual aid provided by firemen from Watseka, Donovan, and Iroquois-Concord was appreciated, Molter said…….

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 Stockland and Kentland, IN fire departments were also enroute but were called off when the fire was brought under control.

Molter also said other volunteers helped during a pretty warm afternoon…….    (issue)  :22       #  22

The Chief said the value of the loss is unknown at this point……..   (building)  :20     #  23

Molter said the cause does raise questions …….    (on this)   :19       # 24

Sheldon firemen were at the scene for about 45-minutes this (Thur) morning when the fire rekindled around 6:30 am.


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