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Newton County S&WCD offers Water Testing

Get Your Well Sampling bottles before Aug 7


Through a partnership between Newton County Soil and Water Conservation District and Environmental Laboratories, Inc., you can obtain reliable water analysis at a reduced rate and in a convenient manner. 

Why Test?

When you pour a glass of water, you expect it to be pure and safe.  However, pure water rarely exists in nature.  Water absorbs minerals, organic materials, and organisms as it moves through the air and soil into surface and ground water supplies.  So, while most water appears clean and problem-free at the tap, it may not be safe for drinking or acceptable for household activities.  Taste and odor are not always indicators of water quality.  Contaminated water can taste and smell fine, while unpleasant-tasting or smelling water can be safe to drink or use.

If you are one of the 1.7 million private well owners in Indiana, you should know that you are responsible for monitoring the quality of your water.  Testing will help confirm if a problem exists, or give you peace of mind when there are no problems with your water.  If necessary, appropriate treatment will be recommended.


Total coliform/E.coli -  Bacteria often found in water and soil that indicate fecal pollution.  Symptoms such as diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid fever, urinary tract infections, flu-like abdominal pain, etc. may be spread through fecal contaminated water.

          (Requires 100 mL sterile bottle)

NitrateCommon sources of nitrate contamination include fertilizers, animal waste, septic tank run-off, and sewage run-off.  Levels of nitrates exceeding 10 mg/L as nitrogen have been shown to cause methemoglobinemia in infants.  This results in oxygen deprivation, which may be harmful to the developing nervous system of young children or could cause death by suffocation.  Symptoms include chocolate colored blood, headache, flushing of the skin, vomiting, dizziness, marked fall of blood pressure, collapse, coma, and respiratory paralysis.

(Requires 100 mL sterile bottle)


Both tests, Nitrate and Coliform will be offered at a total cost of $20.00.

Metals will be $50.00. If you require other testing, please contact Rose Morgan at the Newton County SWCD office as soon as possible for pricing and to obtain bottles at 219-285-2217 .


Locations have been set up throughout Newton County to make it easier for residents:


Ceres Solutions

Ade Branch

2887 W 883 S, Brook


Newton County REMC

4151 E US Highway 24, Goodland


Joe Morrison Attorney

4429 E State Road 10, Roselawn


Newton County Soil & Water Conservation District

213 E North St, Morocco

219-285-2217 call before going


Newton County SWCD is very appreciative to the above businesses to partner with us and help us get out the well testing bottles. Well testing bottles can be picked up now thru August 6th.  You MUST paywhen you pick up your bottles; checks are to be made out to: Newton County SWCD.  There is ONLY 1 day to draw and return your well water sample. You MUST drawyour water sample on Tuesday, August 7thand return your bottles to any of the above businesses by 11:00 am August 7th. 

For any questions, please contact Rose Morgan at Newton County SWCD at 219-285-2217.