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Kankakee Shooting Victim Dies, Organs Donated >

Sunday afternoon’s shooting victim in Kankakee has died.  27-year-old Jerome Lucius was pronounced dead Monday afternoon at Riverside Medical Center.  WGFA News reported Tuesday that Lucius had died, but Kankakee County officials said his death announcement had been on-hold while his organs were harvested for donation.

The death investigation continues.  An autopsy is scheduled today (Thurs).

Lucius was shot in a car parked along N. Taylor Avenue in Kankakee.

While that shooting investigation was underway, authorities discovered the shooting death of 32-year-old Tawayne Sharp early Monday morning.  He was found in  a car in Limestone Township near the intersection of 4500 W and 2000 S Roads.

Police are asking anyone with info about the crimes to contact investigators.


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