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Hospital Officials Suggest ‘Common Sense’ Approach to Remedy Medicaid Woes

An Illinois Task Force, assigned to finding solutions to the state’s Medicaid problems, may be considering an alternative approach to helping local hospitals.  And---local medical leaders believe it could speed up reimbursement of past monies due.

The Illinois Hospital Association is proposing a co-pay agreement, by all emergency department users, to help cover costs.  Could it be considered a ‘user fee ?”

At Iroquois Memorial Hospital in Watseka, interim-CEO Michael Stenger tells WGFA News IMH alone, is due $1.3 million in past due Medicaid payments.  That obviously creates cash-flow problems and leaves future projects in limbo.

Stenger says the lack of Medicaid payments is unprecedented in Illinois.  He’s hopeful lawmakers will see the dire-need to kick-start a move to consider a hospital association suggestion that will still provide for those patients eligible for help……….

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Stenger sat down with WGFA News to explain a cost-saving Medicaid alternative that could save $810 million to $1.46 billion dollars …….

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It’s hoped such a coalition of network-affiliated hospital leaders suggestions will be considered seriously.

The state’s financial dilemma has so many Medicaid reimbursements on the back burner; reimbursements that are rightfully owed.  One would wonder why such ‘common sense” approach is ignored ……..

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The Illinois Hospital Association presented testimony to the senate Appropriations Committee and the House Appropriation Human Services Committee expressing opposition to the Governor’s proposed $2.7 billion reduction in Medicaid spending and outlining its approach for a multi-year solution that will protect patient access to quality health care and keep the health delivery system strong.


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